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Lastest News :

- 2014/03/01 -

Fixed :

Bug when updating profile showing old mtgo user and e-mail on update...

- 2014/02/25 -

Little update today

Members without e-mail and/or mtgo user set in profile will be forced to update they profile.

This is for security purpose and the request system we are working on.

Thank you for your understanding.

MTGOTix Staff.

- 2014/02/13 -

New in stats :

Leaders Board

Fixed :

Refferal system
Registration Page

- 2014/02/11 -

New site online still some things to do

To do list :

Lotto system
Request system
Putting the bot for payment online
Some change in stats system
Doing some part of the stats system thats is not done yet (everythings thats show 0)

- 2014/01/13 -

Working on a new script for www.mtgotix.com

Here is a list of new feature and updated feature coming with the new site :

Better request system working on the site itself

Lotto (you will be able to play your points in a random lotto system to get more from your points)

Better Navigation

Looking to add more offers

Automatic tix distribution with a bot

And more coming soon


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